Young Karin 1

Light the beacons, set off the fireworks, sacrifice the cow you’d been fattening to prepare for the day when your long-lost prodigal son returned from his wandering with a wiser view of his place in the world and throw a party, because Young Karin are back! It’s been a long time since we last heard from the Icelandic duo (Logi Pedro Stefánsson and Karin Sveinsdottir), their last release being the PYK EP of summer 2015, and their Facebook page lapsing into total silence since November of that year. But it burst into life a few days to announce new music: a whole new EP’s worth of it fact. The four-track III EP is out now.

Opening track ‘Some Days’ is tight, mimalistic pop. ‘On and On’ pairs icy, witch-house synths on the verses with Sveinsdottir’s always-on-point vocal before popping into a bright, bouncy chorus. ‘True Believer’ is the most muscular song here, powerful electronic RnB that contains the EP’s heaviest beats paired with its most for-the-jugular chorus. ‘Call On Me’ is more stripped back and restrained initially, before the beat snaps into place and evolves into glitchy, soulful pop. Young Karin haven’t taken any wild stylistic leaps on III, but they didn’t need to – instead, they’ve honed their sound and confirmed that they’re one of the best around at what they do. If you fancy some dubby electronica, III is one of the best examples of the genre released this year. It’s out now Les Frères Stefson, and you can grab it for free from Young Karin’s Soundcloud below.

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