What’s that? Swedish producer Norde made a record with Swedish producer Lucas Nord? Opportunities for terrible wordplay like this one don’t come along very often, so we’d better make the most of it! Pardon? Not everyone loves bad puns as much as we do? OK, fine let us just get a few out of our system, and then we’ll get to the good stuff. Nord by Nordewest! Nord of the manor!  Nord-y by nature! Revenge of the Nords!

OK, we’re done. So, Norde has teamed up with Lucas Nord on ‘Missing You’ and it’s every ounce the sort of pop banger you’d expect from a dream team like this. Making his name as a remixer, Norde has been reworking artists like Seinabo Sey and Mavrick, as well as Lucas Nord, who’s returning the favour on ‘Missing You’. For a song which is ostensibly about longing (the title is a dead giveaway) ‘Missing You’ is incredibly upbeat – waves of deep bassy grooves and bright, arpeggiating beats build and crash with effortless precision. ‘Missing You’ has the sort of balance of addictive energy, pop and EDM you’d want in a pre-going-out record, taking you from shower to shots in a shake of a hip.

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