Neamo Kid

It’s probably not easy having a sister who’s really great at the whole music thing, especially when that sister is Frida Sundemo. Unless, that is, you’re pretty darn great at it yourself, as is the case here with Linnea Sundemo, AKA NEAMO KID. When she’s not doing awesome fashion and art photography and illustration (check her website!) she’s decided to follow in her sister’s footsteps and make some seriously excellent pop music, in the form of ‘Schoolyard’.

Collaborating with producer Nibla, ‘Schoolyard’ is a glacially paced pop record which relies on Linnea’s very distinctive, almost childlike voice. The dark atmosphere and minimal arrangements give it a tension which borders on creepy, but that’s a big part of the song’s appeal: where most people are looking to make uplifting summer pop records, NEAMO KID seems to be guiding us in a different direction entirely, and it’s looking likely that direction may be directly towards ‘the dark place’, but we’re OK with that. This approach, especially at this early stage of her career is really refreshing and exciting – you can check out ‘Schoolyard’ below.

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