To name yourself ‘cloud’ as Swedish band Molnet did, is to give an immediate impression of what your music might sound like, but that impression, of course, depends on the sort of person you are. Some might think a band called ‘cloud’ are gloomy and depressing, with their music looming overhead threatening to make your day a little worse at any second. Others might think of a wisp of white streaking across a blue sky, fluffy and pure. Either way, Molnet seem to be a bit more toward the latter, rather than the former, and one thing is for certain – listening to their new track ‘In The Sea’ is only going to improve your day!

During ‘In The Sea’, dreamy, looping melodies swirl around becoming ever more ethereal and distorted as the song progresses, adding to the ‘band living up to their name’ feeling that is difficult to shake. Still, Molnet aren’t as insubstantial as the name suggests, ‘In The Sea’ is sweetly melancholic, and the lyrics are grounded in a fair bit of raw emotion, so you’re never lifted too far off the ground, even as the song itself tries to float away.

‘In The Sea’ is taken from recent EP Sometimes, which is available now via Kning Disk – check it out below.

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