Mikko Joensuu does not do things on a small scale. The Finnish musician isn’t just satisfied with putting out a debut album. Instead, he’s announced a debut trilogy of albums, Amen 1, Amen 2 and Amen 3.¬†Amen 1 was released earlier this year via Svart Records, and now we have the first taste of part two, his new single from Amen 2, ‘There Used To Be A Darkness’.

‘There Used To Be A Darkness’ starts off as no-wave indie stretched out to epic scale. Guitar fuzz rains over Joensuu’s emotive voice, and the sheer length of the track (11 mins!) gives it a greater sense of grandeur and power than your average song. It also gives Joensuu a lot of room to play creatively with the track’s structure, tossing in a Stone Roses-esque groove around the four minute mark, and then slowly draining out the feedback and squall as the track progresses, meaning that by the time the song finishes it has transformed into an entirely different beast. There are very few people making 11 minute tracks right now, and even fewer doing it this well – take a listen below.

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