Makeout Point by Aima Daorana BjörkPhoto: Aima Daorana Björk

From that first, frenzied strum of guitar, clatter of drums and immediate barrage of expletives, it’s clear that despite their name, Sweden’s Makeout Point are not here for sweet nothings and sloppy kisses.

Truthfully, given that ‘The Place Where We Used To Live’ clocks in at barely over two and a half minutes, there probably isn’t time, but still – this is no holds barred, no fucks given, absolutely-no-time-for-your-nonsense music distilled down to it’s purest form: raw, visceral, adrenaline rush punky indie rock to make you abandon whatever it is you happen to be doing to immediately try and form a band yourself.

‘The Place Where We Used To Live’ is a ragged patchwork of elements and gear shifts so frequent and seemingly executed at random on paper, it shouldn’t work. Is there a chorus? Nope. Does it keep that burst of energy from the beginning going throughout? Sort of, but not in the way you think. Is it catchy? In places, but not in a way you can sing along to straight away. The magic of ‘The Place Where We Used To Live’ is that you really want to sing along though, because it somehow is catchy, and coherent and who needs a chorus anyway? Given that it clocks in at barely over two and a half minutes, there probably wasn’t time for that, either.

They’ve matched their ferocity with a suitably DIY aesthetic, with a retro-styled video that looks like early 90s MTV watched on a late 90s dial up connection. And just like the song, it shouldn’t work, but really, really does.

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