lionsden by Marcus WilénPhoto: Marcus Wilén

The three members of Stockholm’s Lion’s Den (Henrik Appel on guitars and vocals, Sabina Contreras Nässel on bass and vocals and Anton Strandberg on drums) have been in deep in the Swedish music scene for quite a while, having individually spent time in bands like Holograms and Wild Fangs. Since coming together as a trio, they’ve been building up quite a fanbase with their distinctive brand of lo-fi melody meets post-punk rock on their two previous singles, ‘Nothing’s Fine’ and ‘Timetimetime’. Now they’ve popped up again with a third helping, their new track ‘Scars’.

‘Scars’ is indie-rock served with an extra dose of guitar crunch. A tightly-wound drumbeat gives the song a solid sense of momentum, mixed with bouncy guitar riffs and Appel and Nässel’s vocal harmonising on the chorus. There’s nothing especially complicated about the construction of ‘Scars’, and there doesn’t need to be. It’s indie rock done well and without unnecessary fuss, and that’s all you want really. A debut album from the band is due on August 31st on Lazy Octopus Records, and in the meantime you can listen to ‘Scars’ below.

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