Though Norway’s biggest musical exports of late seem to be more geared towards chart domination with the likes of Kygo and Aurora trying their best to take over the world, there’s still plenty of really exciting non-commercial music bubbling away just under the surface. Oslo based band commonplace have their toes dipped in an array of genres, none of which are likely to be remotely chart-friendly, but that’s A-OK as far as we’re concerned.

With the occasional raw, gutteral howl, vocalist Simon Dolmen Bergseth sounds like he might be better suited to fronting a metal band, but on latest single ‘Her Sultry Eyes’ there’s just so much melody crammed in, it seems likely that part of his career may have to be on hold for a while longer. Clattering drums and angular riffs give the song all the hallmarks of post-punk, but it’s the tone of the guitar which sets the track apart, as it’s so richly reverbed the song is soaked through with a shoegaze aesthetic. The result is something that is a little jarring on first listen, as you try and process how these elements work in the context of each other, but as you go back again and again, it all harmonises beautifully, and by the end, each of these incredibly dynamic elements are working symbiotically to make your pulse race.

Fans of cult alt-rock band My Vitriol take note – Norway’s commonplace may be your new favourites. ‘Her Sultry Eyes’ is never explicitly or exclusively any of the genres it paddles so happily in, and that makes the band an even more exciting prospect. ‘Her Sultry Eyes’ is out now via Riot Factory – take a listen below.

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