Nordic Playlist curator Júníus Meyvant appears as the featured artist in KCRW’s Today’s Top Tune series!

Today’s Top Tune is a fantastic daily download series run by unrivalled taste making Los Angeles radio station, KCRW. Each day of the week, the station hunts down a fantastic new track to make available to its fans and listeners, and on the 8th August, in collaboration with the Nordic Playlist, KCRW presents ‘Mighty Backbone’ by Júníus Meyvant as ‘Today’s Top Tune‘!

Head over to KCRW’s website to tune in to ‘Mighty Backbone’ now! Like what you hear? Then get to know the Icelander better by checking out his own curated Nordic Playlist, and tune in to the exclusive live session and interview that we filmed with the artist at Roskilde Festival in Denmark earlier this Summer!

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