Icelandic post-punk outfit Fufanu released their debut album Few More Days To Go last year, and now they’re releasing a special single package for the track ‘Plastic People’ from that record, featuring an A & E Sounds re-edit and a BdVMdV remix of the song. The four-track package will, in addition to the original version, feature a MuMu Radio mix created by Marius de Vries & Matt Robertson, which comes with a snazzy new 360 degree video.

‘Plastic People’ is a tense, rumbling rock song, a nerve jangling chronicle of paranoia and disconnect. And now you can watch them play it live on a street, in three hundred and sixty glorious degrees, the highlight of which is a set of parents, in the background behind singer Kaktus Einarsson, trying (not incredibly successfully) to persuade their toddler to dance to the song. The new release of ‘Plastic People’ is out now, and you can check out the video below.

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