First Hate press

Holidays are pretty sweet. You get to bounce happily around and explore a new, exciting and mysterious place, learn about another culture, NOT work (important), and get to try out the local exotic food precisely once (for an Instagram photo), before you revert back to eating exclusively at McDonalds for the rest of your trip like the tourist you are. Anyway, holidays are great, and Copenhagen band First Hate agree, as they’ve taken to China for their new single ‘Holiday’.

Written during the band’s tour of China, ‘Holiday’ is a melancholic synth-pop song that’s as much a stylistic trip back in time to the 80s as it is a journey abroad. The video features footage from that China tour: of the band on stage, transporting themselves around, investigating shops, essentially all the things bands get up to on tour! ‘Holiday’ is out now on Escho.

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