Goss 2

We know very little about Denmark’s Goss right now, apart from the fact that he’s so extremely new that his Facebook page has only accumulated (at the time of writing) 66 likes so far – there are statuses about burritos and vaguely happy dogs that garner more. However, he’s been working with on her upcoming new album, which is about as strong a recommendation as you can get in the Danish music world, so it appears he’s a talent work getting excited about, and his debut single ‘I Want To Know?????’ certainly backs that impression up.

Co-produced by Copenhagen whizz Vera (who’s on a hell of a run of form at the moment, having last been seen on Soleima‘s excellent ‘Wasted‘) ‘I Want To Know?????’ (the question marks are important) is a piece of slick electronic pop, given a nimble groove by its jittering beats and wobbly synth lines. Goss’ vocal is raw and emotional, but never overwhelmingly so. It strikes a balance: you can dig a little deeper into the sadness here if you’re in the mood, but you can also put the track on at a party without depressing everyone. In short, the ideal characteristics for a summer tune.

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