Nordic Playlist curator Júníus Meyvant stopped by the Nordic Playlist caravan at Roskilde Festival recently, to perform a beautiful live rendition of ‘Pearl In Sandbox’ in an exclusive Nordic Playlist session.

Ahead of his hugely acclaimed performance at the recent Roskilde Festival in Denmark, Icelandic troubadour Júníus Meyvant ventured to the Nordic Playlist caravan to take part in a very special session. Appearing solo, armed with nothing but a delicately strummed guitar, the Vestmannaeyjar native unleashed a poignant and striking version of his track ‘Pearl In Sandbox’, taken from his recently released debut album Floating Harmonies.

Of the track, the musician explains:

“I took the inspiration from a person that I know, that has been into prison two times now and has done some things… And it’s kind of a sorry letter to his family, because sometimes it’s good for another person to say sorry for them, because they’ve burned all the bridges and stuff. So it’s a metaphor… You know, you’re too numb to cry and you’re too numb to laugh, you’re just being there…”

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