Amanda Bergman

Usually-hatted Amason vocalist Amanda Bergman released her first solo album Docks a few months ago, a collection of lush, melancholic pop songs. Now we’ve got the video for the latest single to be taken from that album, ‘Taxis’.

‘Taxis’ is one of the peppier songs on Bergman’s record, a song that mixes a shiny, moonlit verve with overtones of wistfulness and loss. Bergman is far from reinventing the wheel here: ‘Taxis’ is a pop song in the deeply traditional sense, one that can trace its stylistic lineage all the way back to the sixties. But her songwriting is so strong that it’s impossible not to get on board with this song, and fall deeply for its charms. It’s full of pretty little musical touches, and Bergman’s soulful vocal melodies are immaculate. And it’s got a video that features Bergman dancing under a disco ball in a forest, because y’know, why not? Docks is out now on INGRID.

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