Mountain Bird

Stockholm’s Mountain Bird, aka producer and musician Adam Öhman, hasn’t put out a full body of work since 2014’s Cosmos EP, but has stepped up his musical activities in the past couple of months. He released ‘Dream’, a lush electronic pop single, late in 2015, and revealed to us in an interview ahead of a Ja Ja Ja gig in London in March that he’s working on his debut full-length. Now we have another taster of what that might sound like in the shape of his latest single, ‘Hearts To Gold’.

‘Hearts To Gold’ is tagged ‘#Science’ on Soundcloud, and that feels appropriate, as the production on this song is so immaculately detailed that it feels like the result of intense, painstaking musical engineering. Layers of soft, dreamy synths and dubby beats click into place with Öhman’s carefully crafted vocal, starting off quiet and vulnerable before swelling in size for the monster chorus. ‘Hearts To Gold’ pairs the flexible and inventive production of electronica with the sharp melodic instincts of pop, and pulls the whole thing together with remarkable coherence. 2014 was a long time ago, but if the quality across Mountain Bird’s début album is this high, it will have been well worth the wait. ‘Hearts To Gold’ is out now on With Love Recordings.

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