Kildaphew is a collaboration between Norwegian duo Danielle Brogden and Andreas Lanesjord, a vocalist and producer/songwriter respectively. They released their first single ‘Paper Thin’ in May last year, and have since been building up momentum with a steady stream of single releases and gigs, and now we have their latest track, ‘Empty Bottles’ to share with you!

Lyrically ‘Empty Bottles’, as its titles implies, is about that feeling when you walk into the atrocity exhibition that is your living room the night after a party, take a look at the brewery-level amount of bottles scattered around and wonder if your problem is just a hangover or something more ominous. Musically, it sits in the twilight zone between several different genres, the deadpan hip-hop of the verses transitioning to the soul-pop of the chorus, giving both Brogden and Lanesjord a chance to show off their stylistic range. Check it out below.

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