Brödet are a Stockholm-based six piece (Carl Christian Holmberg, Stella Cartriers, Jonas Thunberg, Otto Reimers, Maximilian Wiking Kern and Erik Holmberg) which everyone in Sweden seems to be obsessed with comparing to The Chromatics (just google both their names and see). To be fair, this is an easy comparison to make – on Brödet’s deeply impressive début EP Mammon, they showed off their knack for the kind of soft-focus, streetlight electronica that Johnny Jewel’s crew made their name with. That EP was released last year, and now we’ve got the first taste of new music from the group, in the shape of new single ‘Ultra Friend’.

‘Ultra Friend’ is an extremely slick song, its interlocking guitar lines and warm synth wave giving it a supple dancefloor groove. It’s subtly infectious, starting gently and gradually drawing you in, until you reach the end of the song and realise that its rhythm has snaked its way deep into your consciousness. With lyrics like “you’ll be dead at dawn, you lied to us and everyone”, there’s an emotional edge here too, the tale of an Ultra Friend gone AWOL. ‘Ultra Friend’ is out now on Naiv Recordings.

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