Photo: Anders BigumPhoto: Anders Bigum

Rangleklods transmogrified into Blondage last year and swiftly released a single called ‘Dive’ to mark the change. The new incarnation of the band shows no sign of slowing down with the release of their latest track, ‘Lucky Black Skirt’.

‘Lucky Black Skirt’ continues in the same stylistic vein as ‘Dive’, sticking to the glamorous electro-pop style they established on that initial single. There’s a sticky sense of longing here, with Esben Andersen stepping up to the mike for this one, his vocal giving the track an atmosphere of obsession and grasping for something out of reach. Of the song, Anderson said “It’s about giving in to the urge, even though you know you shouldn’t. To cross the line while being aware that you’re doing it”. It’s out now on Tambourhinoceros.

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