There are loads of songs competing on the Nordic top 10, but there can be only one number 1. We took a closer look at the tracks currently at the top of the Trenda: Nordic Charts!

Denmark: Blak – ‘Nede Mette’ (Weeks at no. 1: 7)

The Danes just don’t seem to be able to get enough of rapper Blak, whose track ‘Nede Mette’ is now on its 7th week on the chart. It’s the first ever track to be released under by the Blak moniker (whose real name is Henrik Blak). However, Blak has been a very active founding member of the FlexMusic label, through which no other than fellow Danish rapper Jimilian has released his music.

Finland: Sanni – ‘Vahinko’ (Weeks at no. 1: 1)

Finland’s Sanni released her track ‘Vahinko’ on June 8th, and the song made it to no. 1 in its first week. The track is classic Sanni  style vibrant pop, and it’s not the first time the 23-year old artist gets to enjoy the no. 1 position. However, the Finnish charts see some of the biggest turnover on the Trenda: Nordic Charts on a weekly basis, and it remains to be seen how long ‘Vahinko’ will last in the competition.

Norway: Alan Walker – ‘Sing Me To Sleep’ (Weeks at no. 1: 2)

Alan Walker’s ‘Faded’-follow-up ‘Sing Me To Sleep’ can be found on the Trenda: Nordic Charts for Sweden and Finland as well, but it’s only in Alan’s native Norway it reaches the top spot. The track is an unmissable hit a that keeps the same standard as his previous single, and it’s not unlikely that ‘Sing Me To Sleep’ will make it to the top in several Nordic countries, as its predecessor did.

Sweden: Mike Perry ft. Shy Martin – ‘The Ocean’ (Weeks at no. 1: 5)

Mike Perry’s ‘The Ocean’ started a steady climb five weeks ago and has now cemented its position at the top of the Trenda: Nordic Chart for Sweden. It’s already a definite summer hit and the only question now is whether there’ll be more viral house hits from the Swedish Volvo mechanic Mike Perry, a.k.a. Mikael Persson.

Iceland: Júniús Meyvant – ‘Neon Experience‘ Weeks as no. 1: 2/10

‘Neon Experience‘ from Iceland’s Júniús Meyvant has spent a full two weeks on the Trenda: Nordic Charts for Iceland where it entered soon after its release. However, it’s only for the past two weeks the groovy pop rocker has had the chance to shine as no. 1. The Trenda: Nordic Charts for Iceland tend to be less competitive than in the rest of the Nordic countries, and we’ll probably not have to say goodbye to Mr. Meyvant very soon.

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