Norway’s hooded stranger Alan Walker took the world by storm with his previous single ‘Faded’, and now he got plans to repeat that success with his latest single, ‘Sing Me To Sleep’.

A new song by EDM phenomenon Alan Walker has seen the light of day! ‘Sing Me to Sleep’ has already amassed over a million streams on Spotify, and we’ve honoured the song by presenting it in the kick-off position of this week’s Trenda: New Nordic Pop playlist, which you can find right here!

Alan Walker released ‘Faded’ on 3rd December last year, and roughly a month later the track had become an international hit and climbed to the top of several international charts, where it has stayed until this very day. ‘Faded’ was originally released as an instrumental track back in 2014, and you can read more about the song’s journey from YouTube phenomenon to chart-topping hit here.

But enough about ‘Faded’ – Mr. Walker has already moved on to his next hit, and so shall we. The soundscape on ‘Sing Me to Sleep’ is similar to the one on ‘Faded’, and Iselin Solheim was again enlisted to provide vocals. However, ‘Sing Me to Sleep’ lacks the melancholy found on ‘Faded’ and takes Alan Walker’s music a couple of steps in a more light-hearted direction, just in time for summer!

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