eera1-8-edit-credit-alice-rainis-1600-1Photo: Alice Rainis

We first encountered ‘Drive With Fear’, a song by London via Norway musician¬†Anna Lena Bruland, better known as EERA, back in January as the second single from her debut self-titled EP. Now that EP’s been out for a while and has earned Bruland a fair amount of critical acclaim, and ‘Drive With Fear’ is back with a new video, made by¬†Katia Ganfield.

The video matches the shimmering angst-pop of ‘Drive With Fear’ with a variety of scenes from old-school, grainy film footage. The time-streaking-by nature of the clip proves the perfect accompaniment to the song, syncing well with its slow dream-groove without distracting from the power of music and lyrics. The EERA EP is available now from House Arrest Records.

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