Adiam Press Shot

Adiam is a Swedish electro-singer-songwriter who describes her music as “dark pop”. Her debut record Black Wedding, produced by none other than TV On The Radio‘s Dave Sitek, is due to drop this summer, and ahead of that she’s put out a video for her single ‘Dead Girl Walking’.

‘Dead Girl Walking’ starts off as an electro slow jam, which is perfectly nice, but there’s a lot more here under the surface. The little splashes of strings show off her musical adventurousness, while the lyrics chronicle a mind in ominous confusion, torn between emotions (“Did you sleep last night? I’ve been worried” is swiftly followed by “Don’t bother to call, I don’t care no more”). It comes paired with a moody video shot in Stockholm and Berlin (Adiam lives in both cities, splitting her time between the two). Black Wedding is released on August 26th on Vertigo/Capitol.

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