Rein crop

Release can be a powerful thing. While the long process of reaching the end of your tether can be a painful, dragged-out mess of a journey, a series of kicks gradually pulling you down until you can’t take it anymore, the point at which it snaps¬†and you break free from whatever’s been toxifying your life can be extremely cathartic. This is a process that Swedish newcomer Rein understands well.¬†Joanna Reinikainen wrote ‘I Don’t Get Anything But Shit From You’, her latest single, after being “in a few really shitty relationships in the past” and claims that the “song really deals with all of that and gave me a channel to ventilate those emotions through”.

Rein describes her music as Electronic Body Music, which kind of sounds like techno on steroids. The song uses a jackhammer beat and Rein’s scorched vocal to unleash a tornado of audio violence upon the object of her disdain and pound them into a pulp. ‘I Don’t Get Anything But Shit From You’ is out now on Playground Music, and you can listen below.

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