The Supremes sang “love don’t come easy” on ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ back in 1966, and fifty years later Swedish-Norwegian trio Postiljonen have come out in agreement with that statement with their new track ‘L.I.E’, aka ‘Lovin’ Isn’t Easy’. It’s the latest single to be taken from their recent album Reverie, and while we’ll have to wait another half century to see if it can match the Supremes’ song in terms of cultural impact, in the meantime we can agree that it is a damn good tune.

‘L.I.E’ is a pop song exuberant in sound but morbid in mood. They build the verses from a dreamy, hazy soundscape which then open up into a wonderfully pretty chorus that pairs sunshine synths with Mia Brox Bøe’s weariness-filled vocal: “Loving isn’t easy, I’m tired of you wanting something more”. The superb production holds the song’s disparate moods together, and they even manage to throw in a sax solo for good measure. Both ‘L.I.E’ and Reverie are out now on Hybris in Sweden and Best Fit Recordings in the UK.

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