Jerry Folk is a twenty year-old Norwegian producer whose career is accelerating at rapid speed, with a recent American tour seeing him drop by Coachella to play a jam-packed tent. Despite his name, he’s not a folk musician, and if you trust the title of his latest release he’s no mafioso either, as his new song is called ‘I’m Honestly Not A Gangster’ (although if he is, releasing dubby electronica as a means of keeping the cops off the trail is an extremely innovative way to avoid jail time).

‘I’m Honestly Not A Gangster’ is a dance track that surges with energy, every beat a straight jab into the listener’s nerve centre. It’s full of slick groove, the kind of dangerously irresistible music that will dominate any club it’s played in. ‘I’m Honestly Not A Gangster’ is out now.

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