Stockholmers Alexandria won themselves quite an audience with their debut EPĀ Laid Back 4 EverĀ back in 2014, and even bagged a Ja Ja Ja Music Video award for their efforts with the clip for their track ‘Secret Beach’. It’s all been quiet since then, but now the band are finally back with some new music: their new single ‘Roxy’.

Alexandria had always worked in the realm of psych-pop before, but ‘Roxy’ sees them trying on new sounds. The track’s jerking jabs of piano give it a loose-limbed, flexible groove. The pysch waves remain though, keeping the track constantly mutating and warping into new shapes and forms. Ultimately, it’s impossible to pin ‘Roxy’ down into any one genre, but the song’s warm, exuberant sound makes it perfect listening for the upcoming summer.

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