We’ve spoken a lot about Norwegian pop outfit Lovespeake recently, and with their debut album DNA about to drop this Friday it seems like a good idea to bring them back into the conversation. DNA is ten tracks long and features the band’s previous singles ‘DNA‘ and ‘Tightrope‘, as well as their brand new offering ‘Dreamer’, which you can listen to below.

‘Dreamer’ follows the smooth disco-pop template established by the band’s earlier singles, but takes it in a more subtle direction. It opens softly, floating gently into life before the euphoric rush of the chorus kicks everything into a higher gear. ‘Dreamer’ is proof that even when Lovespeake take things a little more slowly, their pop smarts remain as sharp as ever. ‘Dreamer’ is out now, and DNA comes out on Friday April 22nd through Toothfairy.

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