Femme En Fourrure-by-Helen-KorpakPhoto: Helen Korpak

Femme En Fourrure (Helsinki duo Sandra Tervonen and Juuso Malin) have returned with new music for the first time since last year’s Smell EP with their new double single ‘Seer’/’Eaten’. ‘Seer’ is a glossy, uptempo club track, but ‘Eaten’ is a different beast altogether.

‘Eaten’ is murky and warped. It slinks along with a degenerate groove, dubby synths paired with the electro-hiss of Tervonen’s vocal. Certain moments resemble a darker, more sinister take on College‘s neon dance-pop. It’s a track loaded with mystery, one that seems to keep a certain part of itself in reserve, leaving the listener wanting more and more to try and uncover its secret. ‘Seer’/’Eaten’ is out now on FEF Corp.

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