Photo: Jonas BangPhoto: Jonas Bang

Rock has often been given a bad name over the years by some of the bloated, hubris-loaded and painfully unoriginal bands and musicians who claim the genre for themselves. However, when it’s done right it’s still gripping and exciting in ways that not much else around can match, and Copenhagen band Baby In Vain definitely know how to do it right. The three-piece’s ability to fuse melody with wild audio violence has won them a lot of fans, and your musical heroes love them just as much as everyone else does, as they’ve toured with the likes of Thurston Moore and The Kills.

Their new single ‘Martha’s View’ proves that the excitement about this band isn’t going to fade any time soon. It opens up with a monster wave of noise, the kind of sonic aggression that can probably punch through walls if you turn the amp up high enough. Interspersed between the heavy riffing are the moody, lean vocals, sneering “My frieeend, it’s your last day” at whichever goon has been dumb enough to earn the band’s disdain. It’s a volatile, heavy rock song, and that’s just the way we like it. Baby In Vain’s debut EP For The Kids is out on Partisan Records on April 29th.

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