Nordic Playlist Caravan - CROP

Hei Oslo! The Nordic Playlist caravan has landed in the Norwegian capital ready for by:Larm Festival 2016!

To all Nordic music lovers and fans who are in town for Norway’s by:Larm Festival over the upcoming days, we’d like to invite you to come by and warm up for the music at the Nordic Playlist caravan! Relax at our cosy, fire-side outdoor lounge in between hitting up venues to discover even more of the latest Nordic music! The Nordic Playlist caravan will be located at Youngstorget in downtown Oslo, right in the main square of by:Larm Festival. You can’t miss it!

As a very special guest, we are happy to announce that the godfather of Norwegian hip hop Tommy Tee will be joining us on Friday, 4th March at 5pm for a special, guest-filled DJ set! The producer has been an hugely influential figure in Oslo’s hip hop scene for more than 30 years, so we’re more than thrilled to have him with us on Friday, when he’ll warm you up for the night ahead with an hour long DJ set!

Another special guest we are looking very much forward to meeting again is Hasta! The up and coming Norwegian DJ is the latest musician to create an exclusive DJ mix for the Nordic Playlist, and he will play a 30 minute set on Saturday, 5th March at 7:30pm to give all Nordic Playlist fans a taste of his skills ahead of his show on the Red Bull Music Academy Stage at 11pm!

There will also be opportunities to win hats from the super stylish Icelandic brand 66 Degrees North on each day of the festival – so make sure to not miss out on that as well! Additionally,check out the Nordic Playlist’s Top Tips for by:Larm Festival 2016 and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news and updates on everything we are up to!

See you at Youngstorget!