Trenda Ice and fire

Discover the best Urban tunes from the Nordics – even if they’re made in not-so-Urban places – in our new playlist, Songs of Ice and Fire!

We’re taking a look at what the Nordic urban sound is about today, so we’ve introduced the Songs of Ice & Fire playlist on Spotify – a dedicated playlist that’s all about Nordic urban music, i.e. music falling into (or somewhere around) the boxes of Hip Hop, R’n’B, soul and so on.

Even though the Nordic countries boast exciting and vibrant capitals, bustling with life and ready to be explored, most of the areas of the Nordic countries tend to be, well, not so urban. But as the music on the Songs of Ice & Fire playlist proves: even if you were born and grew up on the rocky shores of a fjord, a remote Baltic island or a Sami-town in Lapland, that’s no obstacle for creating great urban music!


Izabell – Stavanger, Norway

Norwegian rapper Izabell – familiar as the DJ behind the Hip Hop duo Kriminell Kunst – hails from Stavanger – a city by the North Sea on the south-western tip of Norway, most famous as the oil capital. After hearing ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ when she was five,Izabell fell in love with Hip Hop and rap, and she’s now becoming . Her track ‘Gulldråber’ from the EP ‘Honning og aske’ is featured on the playlist.

Likanen Etela

Likanen Etelä – Kirkkonummi, Finland

Likanen Etelä is a Finnish duo rapping about their lives as Swedish-speaking Finns coming from the bilingual town of Kirkkonummi in Southern Finland, the duo’s name translating to ‘The Dirty South’. Even with only a 30 minutes car-ride to central Helsinki, there’s still space to fit a national park, Nuuksio, between the locations, and plenty of space for this duo to create their powerful tunes. Likanen Etelä’s track ‘02400’ – the postal code of Kirkkonummi – is featured on the Songs of Ice & Fire playlist which you can hear by clicking right here


Maxida Märak – Jokkmokk, Sweden

Maxida Märak hails from Jokkmokk in the Swedish Lapland. Her Hip Hop track ‘Mitt största fan’ can be heard on the playlist, but Maxida is also a jojk singer, and she has recorded music with the Downhill Bluegrass band and legendary indie pop band Mando Diao. As an artist she’s also famously taken on the role as a champion of the rights of the Sami people – keep a close eye on the Nordic Playlist in the coming days for even more news on this hypnotic artist and producer…


Jimilian – Maribo, Denmark

Denmark’s Jimilian is currently enjoying the capital, but is originally from Maribo, a town of some few thousand inhabitants located on the Danish island of Lolland in the Baltic Sea. Jimilian’s track ‘Slem igen’, featuring Blak and Ceci Luca, is featured on the Songs of Ice & Fire playlist, and the track has also been spending quite some time at the top of the Trenda: Nordic Chart of Denmark.

Tune in to more Nordic urban music in the Songs of Ice & Fire playlist!