The latest update to the Trenda: New Nordic Pop playlist offers up loads of great, new music, but here are three picks that we think you should pay special attention to…

If Sweden’s Miike Snow isn’t already a staple on your list of favourite Swedish pop groups, now is a great time to add them! The Stockholm-based trio, consisting of Grammy-nominated producer duo Bloodshy & Avant (also known as Christian Karlsson and Nordic Playlist curator Pontus Winnberg) and American singer Andrew Wyatt just released their third album titled iii, the follow up to Happy to You from 2012.

iii is a celebration of flawless pop from start to finish, with organically delicate instrumentation and top-notch production, as previous singles such as ‘Genghis Khan‘ and ‘The Heart of Me‘ have shown. ‘My Trigger’, the opening track of the album, is featured on this week’s Trenda: New Nordic Pop playlist!

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Norwegian producer Sonny Alven is gearing up for the release of his new EP, and has just released the first track called ‘Make It Personal’, featuring the electronic pop duo ENDEMIX. According to Sonny himself, the new material appearing on the EP is going to be more dark and melancholic than his previous productions, and ‘Make It Personal’ is definitely more mellow than, let’s say, his mega-smash-hit ‘Our Youth’, but not a bit less exciting!

Finally we’ve got great news from Sweden, as Skogsrå, a producer based in Uppsala, releases ‘Out of Time’. Despite the moniker being taken from the native name for a creepy forest she-monster that potentially will consume your soul, Skogsrå manages to put out probably one of the lightest and most summery tracks we will hear this month. ‘Out Of Time’ is rounded off with a bittersweet edge, as the song reportedly is written in memory of a dear friend.