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Icelandic trio Vök have just released a video to their latest single ‘Waiting’ – and it might be the most stunning portrait of Iceland we’ve seen so far!

Following on from their 2015 EP Circles, Iceland’s electronic trio Vök released their much anticipated latest single ‘Waiting’ a few weeks ago, before leaving Iceland and embarking on a tour throughout mainland Europe. Now the group have revealed a stunningly beautiful video for the track, taking us on a beautiful journey through the glaciers, rocky shores and volcanic plains of their home country.

The frames change from sulphuric red wastelands, to tranquil springs covered in mist and images of the Atlantic ocean smashing up against the rocky coast of the island. In the middle of it all is the band, but you almost expect some ancient creature to crawl up from a crack in the stone or emerge through the mist and smoke, as alive as the locations seem to be. The song itself, which is already a stellar masterpiece on its own, is given a whole other pace and focus, as the scenery compliments the beat of the track.

Vök visited us at the Nordic Playlist Radio Bar at by:Larm festival in Oslo back in 2015, where they performed an intimate live set which you can re-experience right here.

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