We’re always chatting about the wealth of talent emerging from the Nordics, and how Norway in particular has a distinct knack for delivering extremely talented producers and DJs!

Our friends at Prima Norsk are doing a fantastic job of highlighting this trend by bringing their compilation series back to life, having first started if back in 2000. Now they’re back with a digital edition of the concept, and a Kickstarter campaign to be able to produce the compilation on in its original format, on CD and vinyl!

We caught up with Vidar and Marius who have compiled edition 4 of the Prima Norsk compilation to find out more – so read on to be enlightened as to their fantastic project, and make sure to help their ambitions come to life by visiting their Kickstarter page here…

Hello Vidar and Marius! What’s the story behind the Prima Norsk series?

Vidar: The first Prima Norsk compilation was released in 2000. Back then, there were a lot of interesting things going on in the Norwegian house scene, both with Norwegian artists releasing stuff on more or less limited 12”-ers on labels abroad, or by themselves on their own labels. But the stuff was difficult to get hold of, if you didn’t want to order from mailorder shops in England and spend heaps of money. So I decided to collect the best on a compilation CD.

Back then, I had just started a club-concept where I only played Norwegian house and electronic dance music. These nights were called Prima Norsk, adopted from a packet of carrots(!!) The slogan means something like “1st Class Norwegian”, and was meant as a quality stamp for Norwegian vegetables. But the slogan also fitted very well as a slogan for Norwegian quality house! I followed up with Prima Norsk 2 which was co-compiled and mixed by Nils Noa, and the third one in 2005, focusing on the so-called “space disco” scene in Oslo.

Why did you decide to revive the series now?

Vidar: After 2005 and the Prima Norsk 3 compilation, most of the interesting Norwegian house-stuff came from the Full Pupp-label, and associated artist like Lindstrøm and Todd Terje. I didn’t think it was any point in releasing a new Prima Norsk compilation with 70-80% of the tracks being Full Pupp tracks. So my focus went in other directions, But now, things are beginning to get interesting again.

The situation is similar to the late 90’s/early 2000’s, with lots of new and cool artists releasing stuff on various labels around the globe. But the big difference is the digital revolution, making everything accessible in digital download shops or streaming services. So I didn’t see the point in collecting stuff that was already out and available for everyone. But I was kind of beginning to think that it would have been a good idea to do a new Prima Norsk compilation. But how? Which artists? And at that very moment, I met with the De Fantastiske To guys on a cafe in Tromsø…

Marius: For me “Prima Norsk” introduced me to great Norwegian house-music back in my teenage days, and I always felt that the compilation could continue where it left off. There are so many good Norwegian producers at the moment, which kinda slips under the radar, so it felt like a natural thing to be part of the revival of the series.

Which are some of your favourite tracks on edition no. 4?

Vidar : When curating a compilation like this, I always cherry-pick the best tracks, and use quite a lot of energy in the selection and sequencing. So for me, all of the 15 tracks are favourites in different aspects, in different settings. Right now, I have a soft spot for the humour and playfulness of the opening track from Kohib: Ut på diskotek, where he is singing!! In Norwegian!! I also love the slight dubbyness of Legs 11: Lust Throwing Vibe. But if you ask me tomorrow, you will probably get a different answer!

Marius: It’s so hard to pick a favourite, but since i’m one half of De Fantastiske To, I guess that’s my favourite! On a serious note, we tried to pick a collection of house which could fit in trough a whole night dancing and still retain the funkiness of it.

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