This week’s Trenda: Nordic Charts show the incredible popularity of the local try-outs for the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden, as seven out of ten tracks on the chart are competition entries!

Melodifestivalen 2016 kicked off at the start of February with the finals set to take place on Saturday. This publicly televised mega happening is the Swedish series of events through which the official representative of the country for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest is chosen. The contestants enjoy the full attention of the public for the first weeks of the year, and this week, no less than seven out of ten artists on the Swedish Trenda: Nordic Chart are competing to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

Listen to the top Nordic tracks in the Trenda: Nordic Charts!

Sweden has a long history of success in the Eurovision Song Contest, and the latest artist to win the hearts of Europeans in 2015 was Swedish artist Måns Zelmerlöw, which is why Sweden has the honour of hosting the contest this year (a task they’ve been successfully able to refine over the years). Their frequent victories in the competition have spurred a massive local interest in the contestants, making the local outtakes grow into a national tour, bringing the shows to audiences in six different cities across the country – including a ‘second-chance’ round where popular artists get a second try to make it to the finals.

The latest Trenda: Nordic Chart for Sweden echoes last weekend’s second chance event as well as the previous semi-finals. Samir & Viktor‘s trendy ‘Bada Nakna’, Panetoz‘ ‘Håll om mig hårt’ and SaRaha‘s afro-pop tune ‘Kizunguzungu’ all eventually made it to the finals, set to take place on Saturday 12th March.

Oscar Zia‘s ‘Human’, Molly Sandén‘s ‘Youniverse’ and Robin Bengtsson‘s ‘Constellation Prize’ went straight to the finals, as well as Frans‘ ‘If I Were Sorry’, which not only shared the top position with Molly Sandén in the last semi-finals, but also shot straight to the top of Sweden’s Trenda: Nordic Chart!