23Photo by Emmy Danielsson

Winter is over, (and dare we say it) spring is here! So we’ve updated the Hygge Nordic Playlist with tracks to accompany your hygge moments during the coming months!

Hygge – that Danish word no one seems to be really sure how to explain, let alone pronounce. The concept is often referred to as the word for cosying up in front of a fireplace under a blanket, preferably enjoying hot drinks in good company. But the term may be used in many different contexts, some of which don’t include fireplaces or darkness at all. As Spring seems to have come to stay, we though it would be a great time to turn the hygge switch from candlelight cosy to sunny and bright!

Get in a cosy, Spring-time mood with the Hygge Nordic Playlist!

So far, the Hygge Nordic Playlist has been dominated by Nordic music perfectly suited for winter nights inside – calm and cool tracks from artists such as Vök, Kasper Bjørke, Hjaltalín and Lykke Li. However, the latest update lets in the sunshine, and we decided to include more up-tempo tracks from some of the region’s most exciting new artists!

The latest update to the playlist includes tracks from Norway’s St. Niklas, Iceland’s Samaris and Finland’s Cityman. Danish artist Masasolo‘s first single ‘Really Thought She Loved Me’ is – despite its title – a relaxed guitar led walk-in-the-park tune, well suited for an afternoon outdoor break in the sun, and Norway’s Lovespeake offer up lighthearted beats with ‘Tightrope’, perfect for the stroll down to the opening night of the nearest outdoor terrace. And with the Spring holidays closing in, nothing is a better kick off than ‘Holidays’ by Icelandic/French collaboration Starwalker.

Don’t miss out on the ultimate soundtrack for a picnic in the park or a relaxed hangout to catch the sun on the balcony, tune in to the Hygge Nordic Playlist and discover great new Nordic music for this year’s Spring-tinged moments!