Hasta Highasakite

Highasakite’s latest single gets a masterful re-working from rising Norwegian DJ, Hasta!

Chart-topping Oslo outfit Highasakite are counting down to the release of their new album Camp Echo on the 20th May, having revealed the record’s first single ‘Someone Who’ll Get It‘ just a few weeks ago.

The track has now been given a bassy facelift by fellow Norwegian and future superstar DJ Hasta, who showed off his mixing chops here at the Nordic Playlist when he offered up a pristinely crafted, exclusive DJ Mix just ahead of by:Larm Festival in Oslo! Adding resonating bass and an electronic topline to complement the atmospheric tone of the track, Hasta has us more excited than ever about his future music, as well as reminding us of how much we have to look forward to on the upcoming Highasakite album.

Highasakite curated their own Nordic Playlist last year, selecting the likes of Susanne Sundfør and Ásgeir to be among their favourite Nordic artists – find out more by clicking just here! And we’ll have more exciting news from both Hasta and Highasakite in the coming weeks, so make sure to stay up to date by following the Nordic Playlist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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