Photo: Sofia StolpePhoto: Sofia Stolpe

Two acts by the name of Francis made musical waves in 2015, but the Swedish band from Falun put out far better material than anything the Pope did. The band’s comeback single, ‘Follow Me Home’ was a lovely, lush piece of dream-pop, and their streak continues with new single ‘Turning A Hand’.

‘Turning A Hand’ is a deeper, slower song than ‘Follow Me Home’. It’s grand and mournful, a song that builds waves of sweeping emotion from orchestral synths and jittering, stark guitar lines before the release of the chorus: “Who will learn when I won’t?” For the video, we see two girls playing in vast, open landscapes that acts as a perfect compliment to the track’s widescreen feel. Francis’ new album Marathon is out via Stranger’s Candy on February 5th – get excited by checking out ‘Turning A Hand’ below!

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