EERA photo by Alice RainisPhoto: Alice Rainis

As she gathers momentum towards the release of her self-titled EP in the spring, EERA returns with a new video for ‘White Water’!

Driven by low, bassy strums of guitar, ‘White Water’ is a track that builds layers and sonic textures effortlessly. From sweet harmonies to resonant cymbals, flurries of discordant horns and more. It’s texture that is the quiet champion in the video, too – though it’s hard to to look away from EERA’s unbroken gaze as she sings from a bath of milk, each scenenario takes a nearly monochrome colour palette (save for her striking and effective make-up) and creates a world through reflected light on dappled liquid, cascading feathers and swirling hair. Directed and edited by Jodie Canwell, this new video mirrors the song’s construction with elegant and dynamic style.

‘White Water’ joins recent release ‘Drive With Fear‘ on the EP which will be released via House Arrest on March 4th, and can be pre-ordered here. Check out the video below:

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