With the darkest and longest nights of the year now behind us, we’re slowly daring to start dreaming of spring!

Winter Chill vs. Spring Sunshine, the latest addition to the Nordic Playlist library, aims to capture this transitional mood, lying somewhere between freezing nights and crisp, bright sunny days – a bespoke, electronic-tinged soundtrack for the time of the year when everything starts to feel a little lighter.

January (apparently the most miserable month of the year!) has now come to an end, so let’s celebrate by dipping into this tailor-made electronic playlist offering up a collection of hypnotic, invigorating, and also peaceful, mellow tracks from the likes of múm, Trentemøller, Röyksopp, The Field, Todd Terje and many, many more.

This playlist has been especially created as a complete sonic journey through the electronic landscape of the Nordics, so we recommend that you turn it up loud, switch on the 5 second crossfade feature on Spotify, and let this mesmeric 50 song soundtrack guide you towards 2016’s brighter days.

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