Martin Sandberg, better known as Max Martin, has been announced as the Polar Music Prize 2016 recipient for his outstanding career in writing modern pop music.

Max Martin is one of the most prominent songwriters and producers in the international pop world, and during his career, the Sweden native has worked with some of the biggest names around including Taylor Swift, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Pink, Maroon 5, and many, many more.

The choice was made with the following motivation:

In the last 20 years, no composer in the world has written melodies as sustainable or as widespread as those of Max Martin. Right now, at this very moment, someone, somewhere in the world will be singing a hit song written and produced by Max Martin. With his ear for song melodies, his musical precision and craftsmanship, he has refined and developed the world’s popular music.

The Polar Music Prize was introduced by Stig Anderson, known as the manager of ABBA, for highlighting ”significant achievements in music”. The first award was handed out to Paul McCartney in 1992, and since then artists such as Bob Dylan, Björk and Burt Bacharach have been honoured with the title. The second recipient this year is the Italian vocalist Cecilia Bartoli.

The award ceremony will be held in Stockholm on June 16th at the Stockholm Concert Hall, where Max and Cecilia will personally receive their prizes. Before that however, Max Martin is very likely to grow his award collection at the Grammys next week, where he’s nominated for so many awards, that we decided to turn him into a category all of his own!