Alan Walker advances in Finland, Otto Knows is getting ever closer to the top in Sweden and Lukas Graham enters the Icelandic chart – lots of stuff is happening in the Trenda: Nordic Charts this week!

Every Friday we update the Trenda: Nordic Charts and take a closer look at the Nordic artists competing for the spotlight in the region, and more often than not there are some exciting pop music trends to be spotted. This week has been a particularly busy one in the world of Nordic pop, and we’re on the edge of our seats with excitement to dig deeper into where this is going!

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Pop star Christopher released his latest single ‘Limousine’ last week together with Norway’s hip-hop duo Madcon. The song was an instant streaming hit and enters Denmark’s Nordic Chart in position four, quite a manoeuvre!

In Finland, Norway’s Alan Walker is back on top of the chart with ‘Faded’. Alan Walker, the latest addition to the Norwegian host of house producers currently filling floors around the world, continues to do very well in all Nordic countries. And Sandra Lyng, another Norwegian pop star, stays in seventh position on the Finnish Nordic chart, while a couple of Finnish artists enter: Robin ft. Sanni with ‘Miten eskimot suutelee and Nikke Ankara ft. Ollie with ‘En tiiä sun nimee’!


The Nordic Chart for Norway boasts a couple of newcomers this week. CLMD ft. Astrid S with ‘Dust’, an exciting track that just dropped a couple of weeks ago, enters the chart in the 6th position. If anyone is enjoying the spotlight in Norway right now, it’s hip-hop duo Karpe Diem – winners of the Spellemann award for best music video of the year, and whose track ‘Hus/hotel/slott brenner’ enters in position no. 8. ‘Hus/hotel/slott brenner’ sports an equally stunning video as the previous singles by the duo – check it out here.

And just as we predicted, Sweden’s Otto Knows is challenging the Norwegians at the top of the Nordic Chart of Sweden with his track ‘Dying For You’. This week he manages to overtake the runner-up position from Kygo, but will he be able to topple Alan Walker from the top spot with his resonating track ‘Faded’? We’re excited to find out…


Another border-breaking artist enjoying the Swedish spotlight is Denmark’s soul maestro Lukas Graham, who now boasts two tracks on the chart as ‘Mama Said’ enters in position eight. Even Iceland, which tends to have pop tastes all of their own, have now embraced the heart-melting Christiania native and ‘7 Years’ enters in position nine on the Icelandic chart. That actually makes Lukas Graham the Nordic artists with the most slots on the Nordic charts!

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