Niki and the Dove

Nordic Playlist curators Niki & the Dove have revealed a brand new track called ‘So Much It Hurts’, and we’re completely captivated by it!

‘So Much It Hurts’ is the latest song to be launched from the forthcoming album from Swedish indie-tronica duo Niki & The Dove, preceded by the track ‘Play It On My Radio’, which was let loose in October last year. The duo’s second full-length album Everybody’s Heart Is Broken Now is set to be released on April 8th with the artists themselves describing it as “a musical firework including shuggerz, steppers, heartbreaks and electric basses” and “a non-electronic album with electronic elements”.

The band’s Malin Dahlström and Gustaf Karlöf remain in the realm of the pensive with their new single, which keeps the tempo low but the melodies powerful. So Much It Hurts’ is a song about infidelity, about all the times you waited for a phone call or a message, walking around town with thoughts of just one person who doesn’t call you back, a song about when love is stronger than pride. With such a powerful, emotive message underlying the music, it’s clear that Niki & The Dove have not only returned, but they’ve returned at full force.

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