Icelandic trio Vök, (Andri Már, Margrét Rán, Ólafur Alexander) won themselves a lot of fans last year with their Circles EP, a collection of austere, tense synth-pop tunes. They’ve recently been teasing their fans by posting a series of photos of their homeland on their social media (one of the many benefits of being Icelandic is that you can pretty much point your camera anywhere and get a stunning photograph) with the caption ‘Waiting’. And now they’ve revealed that ‘Waiting’ is in fact the title of their new single, their first release since the Circles EP.

When listening to ‘Waiting’, the first thing that strikes you is that, holy shit, this thing is a jam. Vök were pretty danceable on their earlier material, but tended to wrap it it up in haze and warped atmospherics. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but seeing them cut loose and unleash their inner dance banger is something new and very, very exciting. ‘Waiting’ swaggers along on a fat bassline and thudding kicking, while vocalist Rán simply glides through every syllable, all combining to produce an irresistible electro-disco groove. You can check it out below, and you should, because this is special stuff.

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