OKAY-KAYA photographed by Tim Barber. 2015.Photo: Tim Barber

Norway via New York musician Okay Kaya, a.k.a. Kaya Wilkins, got everyone very, very excited with a batch of stunning singles. ‘Damn, Gravity’ and ‘I’m Stupid (But I Love You)’ didn’t so much play as lazily unfurl and drift out of the speakers and absorb everything they came into contact with, drawing everyone into their fragile, hazy world. Now she’s giving something a little different a try with a cover of The Impressions‘ ‘Keep On Pushin”.

Okay Kaya strips the song back to its bare elements, reining in the soulful swing the original was built on to a little splash every now and then. This puts her voice in the spotlight, and she gives a gripping vocal performance, delivering every single syllable with remarkable feeling and grace. Adult Jazz‘s production perfectly complements the song, with little warped waves of haze and fuzz rising up to match Wilkins’ voice at crucial moments. ‘Keep On Pushin” is part of Okay Kaya’s upcoming 7″ with Oslo label Smalltown Supersound.

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