Bergen-based producer Lucas de Almeida originally conceived Living as a solo project, but having drafted in the talents of Nora T√•rnesvik on bass and Sturla Kverneng on drums for their energetic and acclaimed live performances, it’s clear that Living still has room to grow. Following on from last year’s ‘Florahedron’, Living return with ‘Cerulean’.

As the beats of ‘Cerulean’ lurch into life, it seems somehow off balance, and somehow landing every gymnastic turn perfectly. With an echo of Avalanches and whisper of Animal Collective, ‘Cerulean’ is breezy tropical pop to make you close your eyes and dream of far away beaches. It might not get you to white sands, but if nothing else it’ll herald the coming of spring – melt what’s left of winter away with ‘Cerulean’ below.

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