Agent Blå Press

There are times when a band just explodes out of the starting block, and Agent Blå certainly achieved that with the release of their first single ‘Strand’ (Swedish for ‘beach’). With the raw indie guitar of the Gothenburg five-piece’s début single, the opening shot of their upcoming split single 7” lit up all the classic indie rock staples and made it very obvious that the streak of great music from the city wasn’t about to stop anytime soon. Now we’re got the chance to hear the other side of that split, ‘Frustrerad’ (and if you really need that translated, please take some time out and think about where you’ve gone wrong in life).

There’s something that feels very lazy about saying a band has echoes of Sonic Youth about them, because Sonic Youth span through so many phases and sounds that literally every band to pick up guitars has sounded like some stage of Sonic Youth, but Agent Blå’s powerful, driving guitars and the torn, rough riffs do recall the scratchier indie tunes of the legendary Americans. Add that to singer Emelie Alatalo’s blunt, nothing-held-back vocal and you’ve got a song that digs out all the best parts of early 90s indie while still sounding fresh and vital. And whether the song’s about sexual frustration or self-destruction, a little bit of clever chorus wordplay (“please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me… up”) lets them cover both bases. You can listen below, and grab yourself a copy of the split at Luxury Records.

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