After several weeks climbing the Trenda: Nordic Charts, Dikta finally reach the top spot on the list!

Icelandic indie rock band Dikta have hit the top of the Trenda: Nordic Chart in their native Iceland with the single ‘Hope For The Best’, after weeks of hovering a few steps further down on the chart. ‘Hope For The Best’ is the third single from the band’s fifth album Easy Street which received an official video last Thursday. Over the past few weeks, the track has gained more and more attention from the public, gradually making its way from the fourth to the third position, and in just 24 hours, jumping to the no. 1 spot.

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Previous singles from 2015’s Easy Street include opening track ‘We’ll Meet Again’ which was also seen on the Trenda: Nordic Charts towards the end of last year. Since then, the Icelandic Chart has been ruled by artists such as local singer songwriter Friðrik Dór with ‘Skál fyrir þér’ and, most recently, a hip-hop collaboration between Steindi Jr. and Egill Ólafsson with the song ‘Allir með’. And there are more Icelandic tunes on the up this week, with new entries appearing from Agent Fresco with ‘Howls’, Páll Óskar with ‘Vinnum þetta fyrirfram’ and Steinar with ‘Say You Love’.

Iceland has previously been proven to have a unique taste in pop music, and most tracks on the Trenda: Nordic Chart in Iceland are produced by homegrown talent. However, last week Denmark’s Lukas Graham, whose sympathetic soul pop has conquered hearts all over the region, also made it onto the Icelandic Nordic Charts, this week rising from ninth place to fourth.