The gritty, powerful rhythms of the song ‘Höru Mej Bae’ set the scene for discovering some of the finest voices in the Nordic urban scene…

The new Trenda: Songs of Ice & Fire playlist is the go-to place for fans of urban pop, especially if you’re looking to discover the hottest names in the Nordic urban scene. There are many urban gems featured on the list, but a track with especially exciting dimensions to it is ‘Höru Mej Bae’, originally performed by Sweden’s Michel Dida.

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‘Höru Mej Bae’ (‘Can You Hear Me Bae’) by Michel Dida was originally released last summer, but throughout the year Michel gathered an arsenal of remixes of the track, packed full of Nordic heavy-weight names in hip-hop and urban music.

The Swedish remix features parts recorded by Cherrie, Sabina Ddumba, Silvana Imam, Mapei and Seinabo Sey, and no fewer than three of the featured artists won coveted P3 Guld awards back in January: Sabina Ddumba (Newcomer of the Year), Seinabo Sey (Artist of the Year) and Silvana Imam (Golden Microphone).

The YouTube version of the Dida’s track features the hottest name in Swedish pop music right now – Zara Larsson, also the winner of a P3 Guld award for ‘Best Song’. And Let’s also highlight that the excellent Cherrie has earned her own spot on the Trenda: Songs of Ice & Fire playlist with her single ‘Tabanja’.

As if such a superstar line-up wasn’t enough, Michel found equally impressive talents from across the Norwegian border. For the Norwegian remix, Michel had Kaveh, Arif, Philip Emilio and Stella Mwangi climb aboard, all of whom are enjoying the spotlight on the Norwegian urban scene at the moment.

Since Norway’s urban music scene has more than enough to offer right now, Karpe Diem, one of the biggest names in the Norwegian charts at the moment, were invited to create a ‘gulebøy’-remix – a reference to the immortal Swedish joke about what bananas are called in Norwegian – ‘yellowbend’. The only thing bananas about ‘Höru Mej Bae’ in the style of Karpe Diem though, is the flaming lyrics of two of Norway’s biggest and most vocal society critics…

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