He’s been hinting at great music to come since 2014, and now Finnish rapper Biniyam has unveiled his much anticipated new EP!

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Helsinki based hip-hop artist Biniyam for a while, having included him in our ‘Trenda: 20 Nordic Newcomers To Watch in 2016‘ playlist earlier this year – so we’re thrilled to announce that his long awaited latest EP is now available, delivering on all of the promise hinted at through his recent singles.

The Abyssinian is the name of the EP, which follows on from 2015’s releases ‘1ne’ and ‘Hero’. At 6 tracks long, The Abyssinian is, as Biniyam himself states, “Not just an EP. The Abyssinian is a statement.” Packed full of bass heavy beats, confrontational lyrics and solid rhymes, the record is a powerful example of how the talent of this artist has expanded and diversified since the release of his 2014 self-titled EP, and his latest work sees him exploring prominent themes ranging from heritage to history, race to relationships and more.

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The EP is available now through Cocoa Music, and keep in touch with the Nordic Playlist as we bring you all of this rising artist’s latest news as it arrives. For now though, we highly recommend that you turn your speakers up loud and indulge yourself in the power and prowess of Biniyam’s latest EP.

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